I’ve always loved the ephemeral quality of the handmade chapbook. Most of these exist in editions of 100 copies or less. Three of these chapbooks, The Royal Book of Cottage Living, Ten Still Petals (edition of 26) and Fragments of a Broken Poetics, I made myself.



The Royal Book of Cottage Living. Orono, ME: Impercipient Editions, 2017

Foyer States. Chapbook. Iowa City, Iowa. Catenary Press, 2013

Evacuations. Chapbook. Northampton, MA: Least Weasel Chapbooks, 2011

Coastal. Chapbook. Amherst, MA: The Song Cave, 2011

Fragments of a Broken Poetics. Chapbook. Orono, ME: Impercipient Editions, 2006

The Occasion. Chapbook. New York: Belladonna, 2002

Wrong Life. Chapbook. Cambridge, UK: Equipage, 1999

Enlightenment Evidence. Chapbook. Cambridge, UK: Rem•press, 1996

Ten Still Petals. Chapbook. Providence: Private, 1996

The First Division of Labour. Boston: Rosetta Chapbook, 1995




“Lost Solitary Meanings.” Limited edition broadside. Boston: Arrowsmith Press, 2007

“Experience.” Limited edition broadside designed by Dan Fisher & Jessea Perry. Eucalyptus Press, Mills College, 2004

“Impervious to Starlight.” Ellsworth, ME: Backwoods Broadsides 62, 2001

“Behind the Orbits.” Oasia Broadsides 57, 1999

“Wreath of a Similar Year.” Providence: Oat City Broadside, 1996